At FortWorthLiquidation.Com LLC., we specialize in helping your business consolidate inventory and excess business assets. We offer a formal appraisal and purchase of your assets for immediate cash or can use direct sales channels to get the highest value for your inventory on a commission basis. We evaluate each asset and determine the sales channel that will result in the highest net return and turn your assets into cash. Our sales methods maintain complete discretion for your business.

Upsizing, Downsizing, Relocating, Closing, Renovating?
FortWorthLiquidation.Com LLC. offers an end-to-end asset management service to help your business transition.

Looking for a Cash Flow Position For Your Business Assets?
Using a vast network of sales channels, we use direct sales, exporting and internet auctions to get the highest net return for your inventory in the shortest period of time.

What are Your Business Needs and Goals?
Oftentimes businesses in transition have business needs and goals that must be met which may include short move windows, using a cash flow position to
purchase new assets and equipment, or freeing up valuable space. We help achieve your goals.

We Offer:
1. Asset Appraisal and Consultation.
2. A Free Appraisal within 48 Hours.
3. Free Inventory Shipping, Storage, Removal, and Property Clearance.
4. A Targeted Sales Process to Get the Highest Net Return for Your Inventory
5. An Asset Management and Tracking Program
6. A Cash Flow Position for Your Business Assets in as Little As 48 Hours.